Syrrako or Sirako (Greek: Συρράκο or Σιράκο) is a village and a former community in the Ioannina regional unit, Epirus, Greece. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality North Tzoumerka, of which it is a municipal unit. It has a predominantly Aromanian population, and is located 52 km southeast of Ioannina at an altitude of 1200 m, on the mountain Peristeri. It is built on a steep slope in and retains its traditional buildings.


Syrrako is built on the slopes of Mount Peristeri (Lakmos) in the Pindus, offering natural shelter and security.

Syrrako is separated from its twin village Kalarites by the deep ravine of the river Chroussias, a tributary of the Arachthos. Tradition says that the river’s name derives from Νeoptolemos’ son, Chroussios, who drowned there, not being aware of the fact that water rises fast during bad weather conditions.

Famous natives of Syrrako

  • Kostas Krystallis (1868–1894), author and poet, he wrote “Mountain and Stable”, “Stavraetos”, “Shades of Hades” and “Vlachoi of Pindos” and many others.
  • Ioannis Kolettis (1774–1847), first Constitutive Prime Minister of Greece (1844–1847), member of Filiki Eteria, Ali-Pasha’s private doctor, minister of the Interior Affairs, of the Navy and Military, member of the “ Three member Committee” after Kapodistria’s death, ambassador in Paris (1836–1843).
  • Georgios Zalokostas (1805–1858) poet and fighter during 1821.
  • The army leaders Katsikogiannis, Lepeniotis and others, the benefactors G. Gianniotis, Sp. Baltatzis, G. Ikkos and many other men of literature, arts and trade.